Outbreak Control Plan

Maintaining and improving the health of our communities is at the heart of public service delivery. Health Protection and ensuring an effective response to outbreaks of disease is a crucial part of this.

Whilst the response to outbreaks isn’t new and our local health economy routinely demonstrates that it has effective arrangements in place, it is important that we review our arrangements, and that the organisations and people who need to work together in partnership are aware of each other’s role and responsibilities for a range of scenarios.

Many organisations have demonstrated that they have a role to play in protecting the public from Covid-19 during the last three years and the collaborative learning from the robust incident management methodology approach during Covid -19 has been incorporated into this plan.

This document aims to identify roles and responsibilities of those across the system to enable the prompt and efficient management of infectious disease outbreak in a locality. These include Bolton Council’s Public Health Directorate and Regulatory Services teams, local NHS services, UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) and a wide range of key stakeholders.

Bolton’s Local Outbreak Management Plan has been agreed with and signed off by Bolton’s multi-agency Health Protection Board.

Read the full Outbreak Control Plan: