VoiceAbility, Children’s Rights and Advocacy Service is commissioned by us to provide independent support for children and young people, to ensure their voice is heard in decision making processes which affect their lives. The service works with children and young people who live in or are placed out of Bolton.

Make a referral for: 

  • young people who are leaving care
    - aged 16-25  
    - either relevant or formerly relevant for support under the Children (Leaving Care) Act 2000 
  • looked after children who have asked for advocacy support 
    - up to and including the age of 18 
    - in Bolton or who are the responsibility of Bolton but who are placed out of borough 
  • any child or young person who wants to make a formal complaint about social care services, up to and including the age of 18 
  • disabled children and young people
    - up to and including the age of 19
    - accessing social care/services from the children with disabilities team

An advocate can support some to:

  •  communicate their views and wishes 
  •  understand their rights 
  •  understand any processes and decisions they are subject to 
  •  understand the options they have 
  •  make their own choices 
  •  challenge a decision

How to refer?

You can either:

  • call
  • email

Or, if you would prefer, a referral could be made on your behalf by your:

  • social worker
  • teacher
  • parent or carer

Make a referral

Service overview for professionals in Bolton