Bolton Council’s aim is to ensure that a child or young person’s medical need does not become a barrier to their educational success.

Wherever possible we will look at the education provision being provided by school to ensure continuity for pupils. Schools are under a duty to make reasonable adjustments to allow the pupil to access a suitable full-time education (or as much as the child’s health condition can manage) in line with statutory guidance. This may include arrangements for schoolwork being sent home for short periods of absence, a part-time timetable or remote/virtual learning.

However, it is recognised that in some circumstances that may not be possible and provision for such cases may require additional advice or support from the local authority.  Schools may make a referral to us when they are concerned about a pupil who is unable to attend school due to medical reasons. 

Where it is the view of health professionals that a child cannot access their education with reasonable adjustments made by the school, a multi-agency medical panel will consider the case and take into account all the supporting information (in line with the Policy for access to education for school age children and young people with medical needs).