Active Lives Bolton

Welcome to Active Lives Bolton, a team that sits within Public Health dedicated to inspiring a healthier lifestyle! We are a passionate group committed to the mission of encouraging people to embrace movement and activity in their daily lives. Working with partners across the borough with a shared goal of promoting wellness, we're here to create impactful initiatives, provide resources, and foster a supportive community that motivates individuals to get moving. Through our collective efforts, we aim to make a positive change in countless lives, empowering everyone to experience the benefits of an active and vibrant life. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey towards a more active and fulfilling future!

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Active Lives strategy 2023 - 2028

Bolton’s context

The Bolton 2030 vision – by 2030, we want Bolton to be a vibrant place built on strong cohesive communities, successful businesses and healthy, engaged residents. It will be a welcoming place where people choose to study, work, invest and settle.

One of the cornerstones of the Vision is a healthy and active population. In 2030, we want the health and wellbeing of people in Bolton to be as good as anywhere in Greater Manchester, with our residents taking full advantage of a network of organisations and provision that can facilitate active and healthy lifestyles. We want more residents investing into their health and making informed choices about their wellbeing.

By 2030, we want the investment and emphasis which we place on health and wellbeing to mean that our workforce is more productive – combined with higher skills levels, this will make us an attractive place for businesses to locate, grow and invest.

Our location provides fantastic opportunities for people to take part in physical activities.

We want large numbers of people to be able to walk or cycle to work and around their communities; and we want our parks and green spaces to be hubs for all kinds of leisure activities, supporting people to stay active, make connections and be a part of local life.

The ambition for Bolton

The ambition is that Bolton becomes an increasingly active, vibrant town where active lives are commonplace - we want people to move more, more often.

The local ambition is to create an environment where people are more active in their daily lives, which in turn will improve health and resilience across communities. This will increase both physical and emotional wellbeing; improve life chances, employability, decrease dependence on health and social care services and support prosperity.