What is a Supplementary Planning Document?

Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) expand or add details to policies laid out in Local Plans. These may take the form of design guides, area development briefs, a master plan or issue-based documents. SPDs can use illustrations, text and practical examples to expand on how the authority's policies can be taken forward. Local authorities must involve the community in their preparation. SPDs are not subject to independent examination, but are a material consideration in the determination of planning applications.

SPDs and associated documents are available under the Downloads tab above.

Adopted SPDs

Building Bolton provides detailed design guidance for new development within Central Bolton.

Church Wharf  SPD guides the development of the Church Wharf area in the north east of Bolton town centre. It provides guidance on the planning policies relating to this site, the factors that will constrain any development and the appropriate mix of uses.

Sustainable Design and Construction provides guidance on what the Core Strategy means for new development in Bolton, taking into account subsequent changes in national policy and regulations.  It emphasises the importance of sustainable design from the outset to mitigate energy use and climate change, to adapt to climate change and its effects, and renewable energy.

Trinity Interchange provides a guide to the redevelopment of the land within the boundary of the Trinity Interchange area for the development of the relocated bus station.

Merchants Quarter provides a strategic framework for the major comprehensive regeneration of this area, which is located within the south east area of Central Bolton.

Horwich Loco Works provides a robust planning framework within which the area can be successfully developed and informs potential developers of land use, planning and transportation opportunities and constraints on the site 

 House Extensions provides general advice on planning for those house extensions which require planning permission. It is aimed at homeowners, applicants and their agents, neighbours and other members of the public.


The Affordable Housing SPD expands upon policies contained within the adopted Core Strategy and sets out Bolton’s position on the delivery of affordable housing.


Location of Restaurants and cafes, drinking establishments and hot food takeaways in urban areas. This SPD deals with the planning issues that arise from the use of premises for the sale of food and drink for consumption on the premises, or for the sale of hot food for consumption off the premises. These uses include restaurants, cafes, public houses, bars and hot food takeaways.


Accessibility, Transport and Safety provides developers and applicants with additional guidance and advice on implementing the accessibility, transport and safety policies set out in the council's Core Strategy.


General Design Principles provides general advice on designing new development proposals, covering both residential and commercial developments. It is aimed at applicants, their agents and architects, neighbours and other members of the public.


Infrastructure and Planning Contributions sets out the types of infrastructure and scale of contributions the council will seek from developers through the planning process to mitigate the impact of individual developments. Its advice focusses primarily on contributions towards Education, Open Space, Health and Public Art.

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