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Where to look for accommodation

There are a number of different places to look for accommodation depending upon the type of accommodation that you wish to move into. For more information please see our where to look for accommodation advice notes.

Homes for Bolton

The Homes for Bolton service provides you with an opportunity to choose where you want to live by making an expression of interest in advertised properties.

Usually each property is advertised for a set period of time e.g. 1 week. We advertise a wide variety of homes to rent and it's easy to express your interest in a property once you've registered with the service. You can have two expressions of interest at any one time for currently advertised properties.

All the landlords participating in the service are non-profit making and are publicly regulated. The service is simple to use and does not charge you a fee of any kind.

In addition Homes for Bolton advertise Homes Available Now (properties which have previously been advertised) and a number of properties rented out by private landlords who you can contact directly without expressing interest.

To find out further information, register, view properties or express an interest please see the documents on the Downloads tab.

Bolton Council and its Bolton Community Homes (BCH) partners operate the Homes for Bolton choice based lettings service. It is a partnership of eight landlords, including Bolton at Home, representing approximately 95% of social rented houses in the Borough and providing access to over 24,000 homes for rent in the Bolton area.

Find out more about how properties are allocated by looking at the Homes for Bolton allocations policy.

Eligibility for an allocation

If you are not a British citizen or you are returning from a period abroad you may not be eligible for an allocation of a social housing property or other housing assistance.  We may require further information prior to registering your application or when considering an offer or allocation of a property.

When considering an applicant’s eligibility as well as looking at immigration status, we will also consider behaviour such as any relevant criminal or anti-social behaviour and conduct of any previous tenancies e.g. damage or non-payment of rent.

Urgent housing assistance

If you are in a very high level of housing need and require urgent housing assistance please see our homelessness prevention page.


In addition to the local choice based lettings scheme Homes for Bolton, you can also access Pinpoint.

Pinpoint is a sub-regional choice based lettings service which provides access to a number of social and private rented homes not only in Bolton but across Greater Manchester as well.

It offers you an additional opportunity to express interest in properties and further choice in deciding where you want to live. You can use your Homes for Bolton registration to access Pinpoint.

Pinpoint is a partnership between the 10 Greater Manchester Local Authorities and 13 Housing Associations.

Sheltered and Extra Care Housing

Sheltered housing is designed to help older people to live independently with a just little extra support. These housing schemes are generally aimed at those over 55 or 60 years of age and can be accessed via the Homes for Bolton scheme.

Extra Care Housing is similar to sheltered housing in that properties are generally self-contained flats within a scheme which also has good communal facilities. In addition, the schemes provide care and support on site and some schemes also provide midday meals.

For further information regarding access to these schemes please visit our Supported, sheltered and extra care housing page.

Need help adapting where you live or moving to an adapted home?

There is support available if you are struggling in your current home and may need adaptations / equipment or need to move to more appropriate accommodation.

Help may be available to support you to remain in your own home. The Independent Living Service will assess your individual circumstances, provide support and make appropriate referrals. 

It may also be recommended that your application be placed on the Disability Housing Register, which provides preference to those in need for adapted property.

Applications on the Disability Housing Register are matched with suitable properties as and when they become available.

You will still need to register with Homes for Bolton and we will then assess your individual circumstances once further supporting information is received.

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