Good News Story - May 2023

Two smiling Workshop advisors standing on each side of a happy customer with promotional banners behind them.

Over nine months, assisted by his Restart Adviser and the Employability Trainer at the Workshop, Participant M has seen his vision turn into a fully-fledged business, which was launched on 5 May 2023.

In August 2022, Participant M, who had previous experience of owning his own business, informed his Adviser that he had a vision of a UK-wide business, based on the sector that he has worked in for 45 years.  The concept was ambitious and on a much larger scale than anything he had previously undertaken.  He had no idea how to turn his dream into a reality, especially as he would need training and new qualifications in order to proceed.

The Workshop provided funding to enable him to obtain the essential qualifications that he needed, a three-year business plan has been developed, initial customers and future staff members have been identified, and the expansion strategy for the first 12 months is now underway.  First launched in the Greater Manchester area, it is envisaged that the business will also become established in the London area in Year 2.

Published: 30th May 2023