Good News Story - November 2023

A workshop customer stands in-front of a 
"Stateside Foods" warehouse, wearing a blue zip-up, branded jumper and holding a white hardhat.

Pat gets a ‘pizza’ the action

Pat from Horwich in Bolton is no stranger to physical activity. Working tirelessly in groundworks for a large construction company before a neck operation in 2016 left him unable to continue, he was convinced he would never work again as he hit 60 and a frustrating wall of job rejections. Yet his faith in life, and himself, has been reignited after ‘the best thing I ever did’… joining the Restart Scheme.

Being unemployed for seven years took its toll on Pat, now 63. He became depressed, withdrew from his friends and family, and felt any attempt to find work or retrain at his age were pointless. Referred by Jobcentre Plus to the Restart Scheme, he was subdued and held little hope that his fortunes would change. 

Yet Pat now freely admits it was a turning point that changed his life...

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Published: 22nd December 2023