Voting for the Bolton Youth MP Elections has now closed!

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We're very pleased to announce that the Bolton Youth MPs voted in for 2016 are:

Jonathan Wright with 4820 votes and Jaya Patel with 3821 votes.

REVEALED: New youth MPs elected after 'unbelievable' 18,900 votes cast in elections

See the full results and find out more in The Bolton News press release

What is UK Youth Parliament?

The UK Youth Parliament is run by young people for young people. Over 600 candidates from around the UK take issues raised at local meetings to local and national government to make positive changes.

Young people get to choose who is in Youth Parliament by voting in this election.

What does a Youth MP do?

Once elected a Youth MP will find out the concerns, interests and needs of other young people in Bolton and then discuss these on a local, regional and national level. Youth MPs meet councillors, MPs and other key decision makers to take forward issues of local importance.

They will also attend regional meetings and meet with the UK Youth Parliament once a year.

Bolton's candidates

Voting gives young people a voice on important issues that affect them and their local community - from transport to education and leisure activities.

If you have a vote, you have a voice!

Take a look at this year's candidates and select up to two choices when voting, you have up until Monday 18 April 2016 to have your say...

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Vote for your Youth MPs

Bolton Youth MP Candidates 2016



Vote for your Youth MPs

"Our goals! Our voice! Our future!"

I will get more workplace opportunities for young people to give them the life skills they need.

I will raise awareness of the support available for young people who may have difficulties in the classroom.

I will research and raise awareness of the services available for young people in Bolton to enable a healthier and more confident future.


Vote for your Youth MPs

"I'll support the Bolton youth to help you speak the truth!"

I will encourage young people to be active and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I will encourage schools to teach skills and advice to help tackle challenges that young people may face in life.

I will help empower young people so they can achieve their full potential.


Vote for your Youth MPs

"Together lets build a better Bolton"

I want to work with local education authorities to encourage the teaching of vital life skills within all schools in Bolton.

I will listen to the problems that the youth of Bolton face and work towards solutions with the goal of making a better Bolton.

I will strive to bring together the vibrant cultures of Bolton and celebrate diversity.


Vote for your Youth MPs

"You say it, I'll do it"

As your Youth MP I will:

  1. Raise awareness and help improve services available for the 1 in 10 young people living with poor mental health.
  2. Work with schools and youth facilities to provide young people with the skills they need in life, such as banking and independent living.
  3. Be the voice of Young people in decisions affecting our Town Centre.


Vote for your Youth MPs

"For the voice of you, to be heard"

As many young people are bullied, I would like to work with schools and young people to tackle this issue for a happier and safer Bolton.

I want to raise awareness of the mental health services that are available to those young people who have or experienced poor mental health.

I will encourage young people to live a healthy lifestyle so they can perform well in life.


Vote for your Youth MPs

"Small changes can change our world."

My goals are:

To help to prevent/manage mental health issues in young people & raise awareness of these problems.

To prevent a rise in obesity due to increasing education and participation in active, healthy lifestyles.

To encourage schools/colleges to help us to prepare for life after education through the teaching of life skills.

To overall improve the quality of life for young people within Bolton.


Vote for your Youth MPs

"Vote for change, and together we can make a difference"

I will work with relevant organisations around bullying to help decrease or end social problems for young people within schools in Bolton.

I want to be able to give young people the chance to have extra support with learning and highlight social activities to help improve their teamwork and social skills.

I would like to promote and help provide appropriate support, guidance and activities for young people and families who are facing difficulties.

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