What is UK Youth Parliament?

The UK Youth Parliament is run by young people for young people. Over 600 candidates from around the UK take issues raised at local meetings to local and national government to make positive changes.

Young people get to choose who is in Youth Parliament by voting in this election.

What does a Youth MP do?

Once elected a Youth MP will find out the concerns, interests and needs of other young people in Bolton and then discuss these on a local, regional and national level. Youth MPs meet councillors, MPs and other key decision makers to take forward issues of local importance.

They will also attend regional meetings and meet with the UK Youth Parliament once a year.

Bolton's candidates

Voting gives young people a voice on important issues that affect them and their local community - from transport to education and leisure activities.

If you have a vote, you have a voice - Please note you must be aged 11-18 to vote!

Take a look at this year's candidates and select up to two choices when voting, you have up until Wednesday 04 April 2018 to have your say...

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Vote for your Youth MPs

Bolton Youth MP Candidates 2018



Vote for your Youth MPs

"Your voice, your choice"

Introduce community events where people from different schools and colleges can come together.

Encourage more awareness about the dangers of social media.

Raise awareness about bullying and understanding the root cause of it.

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Vote for your Youth MPs

"Help me make a Bolton you can be proud of"

I will campaign to give young people their own voice, focusing on the votes at 16 campaign.

I will fight to make sure schools teach a curriculum that prepares young people for their future, especially in regard to sexual health and education.

I will strive to build a Bolton that represents the diverse community of young people that live there, and encourage people to be proud of their identity.

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Vote for your Youth MPs

"Our voice, our vision, let’s do it!"

I will work with schools to make a positive and supportive learning environment to provide you with the academic or emotional help you might need.

I want to create and promote activities and events to give you the opportunity to express yourself and to encourage creative and entrepreneurial thinking.

I will highlight the services and resources available to improve mental health and combat the stigma attached to it.

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Vote for your Youth MPs

"Together we can make a difference because together we are unstoppable"

As your Youth MP I will:

  1. Make the youth more informed on how to recognize cyberbullying and make it easier for them to report it so they don’t get hurt.
  2. Push for schools and organisations to identify and promote the information needed to give support to young people who suffer from anxiety or depression.
  3. Raise awareness of the youth clubs and young people’s facilities in Bolton so that young people have a place to go and meet new young people in a safe environment.

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Vote for your Youth MPs

"20% of today's youth is 100% of our future!"

As your Youth MP I will:

  1. Encourage schools to equip young people with vital skills to conquer the future.
  2. Raise aspirations and promote the opportunities available for young people in Bolton.
  3. Reduce the stereotypical view of young people by promoting the positive work they are taking part in.

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Vote for your Youth MPs

"Small changes will create big differences"

My goals are:

I will work with schools and organisations to encourage awareness of the alternative pathways available young people after education, for example, apprenticeships.

I will champion opportunities for young people to get involved in their wider community to engage and enhance their skills outside of education.

I will strive to create a more inclusive Bolton where all young people can feel safe and accepted.

To overall improve the quality of life for young people within Bolton.

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Vote for your Youth MPs

"We are ALL different but We ALL deserve to be heard"

Promote the importance of School councils and ALL young people having a voice in decision making.

Make mental health a key focus within young people.

Work with Schools/youth organisations to make them more equipt to deal with the struggles WE ALL face like bulling and exam stress.

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Vote for your Youth MPs

"We are not just young people, but the future of Bolton"

Mental health is a big struggle for young people, so my goal is to improve services to help this.

My next goal is to ensure that everyone’s talents are recognised instead of just academic achievement.

My final goal is to make Bolton safer for young people so we can go out with confidence.

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Vote for your Youth MPs

"If you want change, you want me."

I will encourage that all schools have a defibrillator and every young person has the opportunity to learn emergency CPR , to reduce unnecessary deaths.

I will represent your voice at the youth vision conference to make sure we are all involved in making a better Bolton for the youth.

By the end of year 11, I will promote that young people are equipt with life skills such as how to open a bank account and how to apply for a mortgage.

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Vote for your Youth MPs

"Vote for me for a future we can all be proud of"

I want to combat the stigma that young people face with poor mental health.

I will be the voice of young people who are looked after in Bolton and highlight the hurdles that they face.

I will be an ambassador for LGBQT+ community in Bolton.

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