Gritting status

Last Update
15 April 2016
Severity 4
A monitoring exercise will be put in place due to marginal weather conditions and a decision will be made at a later time to decide if any action is required

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Bolton Council is committed to providing an efficient winter maintenance service, allowing traffic to travel around the borough safely with minimum disruption.

The council is also committed to treating as many roads as practicable to remove and prevent the formation of snow and ice on the road surface.

Bolton Council carries out gritting on 510kms (317 miles) of main traffic routes. We have 10 gritting vehicles and 18 staff on standby with an extra 9 staff in reserve, ready to take immediate action during adverse weather. Gritting priority is given to types of roads/routes and are based upon the recommendations contained in a National Code of Practice.

  • Priority A - Strategic routes and principal roads, important classified roads and bus routes.
  • Priority B - All other classified roads, important unclassified roads and bus routes.

The maps below show our main gritting routes and grit-bin locations, please use the map controls to pan around and zoom in to see more detailed information.

Gritting routes

Grit bin locations


The gritting forecast shown on our website is for a 24hr period starting from the 'Last Update' given.

In the event of a significant weather change, the appropriate action will be taken regardless of any prior warnings made.

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