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What is the Team Bolton Partnership?

The Team Bolton Partnership is a group of organisations who work together to ensure all Bolton residents  have access  to improved training, skills and employment opportunities.  Team Bolton consists of Bolton Council, Job Centre Plus, Work Programme providers, Bolton at Home and the Probation Service while also working with education and training providers (eg. Schools and Sixth Forms, Bolton College, the Bolton Work-based Learning Provider Network and the University of Bolton).  The Partnership is working together to deliver Bolton's economic strategy. We believe that working to together is the best way to improve job and skill opportunities in Bolton.

How can Team Bolton help me?

We want our residents to be skilled for the jobs that are available both now and in the future. Our economic strategy shows how we aim to to improve aspiration and skills levels for everyone in Bolton. We want our residents to better understand their paths to skills development and employment which are linked to the needs of Bolton's employers. By working together, we help residents to understand the support and employment options available to them. Via this website and the services our organisations offer, Team Bolton directs to local and national support while also working together on local training programmes including pre-employment and pre-apprenticeship support programmes.  

How can Team Bolton help employers?

We want local employers to sign the Bolton Employer Pledge to help us coordinate Bolton-wide vacancies, recruitment, apprenticeships, mentoring, relationships with schools and people with disabilities.  This is aimed at raising aspirations, developing skills and ultimately providing employment. In return, we work with local businesses to find them the right, appropriately skilled candidates for job roles. Team Bolton provides a free of charge ‘one stop shop’ of employment and skills tailored to meet the needs of employers:

  • Tailored provision to meet your corporate and skills development needs
  • Pre-employment recruitment, bespoke facilities and in-work support matching  exact employment needs with work ready candidates
  • Co-ordinate and manage apprenticeships, internships, work experience and volunteering
  • Support inward investment, new start-ups, enterprise, growth and expansion
  • Offer advice and guidance on national reforms and incentives available to you
  • Host recruitment events 

How can I get involved?

If you want to find out more about Team Bolton or are interested in getting involved, please complete our online form.

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Bolton College Bolton at Home Job Centre Plus University of Bolton Ingeus Bolton Lads and Girls Club Alliance Learning Cheshire and Greater Manchester Community and Rehabilitation Company National Careers Service Rathbone Babington Group

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