The building control service is responsible for:

  • Allocation of new street names
  • Allocation of new property numbers

Where large developments take place which incorporate the building of new roads, the names of these roads have to be approved by the local authority.

The selection of new street names is a matter which requires careful consideration to ensure that they are suitable for the area and will not conflict with or duplicate any existing names within the same locality.

As from the 13 January, 2013 a charging policy has been introduced. You can view the policy and fee charges, as well as downloading the application form by clicking on the links in the downloads section.

Please note: The building control service is not responsible for the issue of postal codes.

Addresses for individual dwellings

If a house is erected on an in-fill site between existing properties, the new dwelling will be given a number which follows on from the existing properties. In many cases this will have to be a suffix of the adjoining number, e.g. 11a, 19b

If the existing properties do not have numbers, the owner may submit their chosen name to building control. The name will then be checked to ensure it does not conflict with any others within the local vicinity.

Change of an existing address

If you move house/business and decide that you want to give the property a name, or change the existing name, then building control must be notified. The necessary checks can then be carried out before agreement of the change.

It is very important that this procedure is followed; otherwise the statutory bodies and emergency services will not be aware of the change. Furthermore, your address is checked against the national database. If they cannot locate the property; address dependent procedures, such as credit card payments could be affected.

If your house has a number allocated to it, you must legally keep this as part of your address, however, house names may be added to the existing address.

All queries regarding your post code should be referred to the Royal mail post code section.

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