Street lights, illuminated signs, bollards & Belisha beacons

Report a street light problem

To report:

  • a faulty street light
  • a lamp not working on an illuminated traffic sign
  • a non-working orange zebra crossing globe (Belisha Beacon)
  • a faulty illuminated keep-left bollard

...please complete our online form

If the problem is dangerous, such as exposed, damaged or potentially live wiring, please call the Streetcare Team on 01204 336600

All street lights, illuminated signs and illuminated bollards are numbered. Usually this is a black number on a yellow sticker.
When reporting a problem please tell us:

  • the street where the lamp / sign / bollard is
  • the number on the lamp / sign / bollard
  • what the problem is

Traffic lights, puffin and pelican crossings

Please see our page on reporting traffic light problems

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