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Brief history

Bolton Council has provided school meals for over 70 years and boasts a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of catering for school pupils from nursery to sixth form.

Our organisation is an award winning service whose continuing success over the years demonstrates its adaptability to meet the ever changing needs of its customers.

Today's modern service incorporates over 100 dining establishments serving, on average, 3.5 million meals per year and supplies to a diverse range of students, adult and pre-school customers.

Bolton school meals endeavours to purchase local, sustainable food from within the Lancashire region ensuring that safety, standards, quality, environmental protection and animal welfare are upheld.

School Meals - interactive info booklet
School meals - interactive info booklet

Primary school catering

School meals serves 96 primary and special schools in Bolton and approximately 15,000 meals per day. 2% of our primary meals are served in the traditional style of “Family Service”, here children dine in small groups and are served by monitors with a set meal.

Other primaries enjoy a cafeteria style service which offers a choice of main courses, vegetables, salads and desserts. 15% of schools also offer a halal meat option.

The menus are designed to be tempting and healthy and offer choice for vegetarians with some special diets available. The menus can be accessed from the 'Downloads' tab available at the top of the page.

From September 2011 primary school meals in Bolton cost just £1.25 per day however some students will be entitled to free school meals.

School Meals - interactive info booklet
School meals - interactive info booklet

Secondary school catering

School meals has successful partnerships with five secondary schools in Bolton, serving between 300 – 700 meals each lunchtime.

Secondary schools in Bolton offer a diverse choice of food and meal options in their contemporary dining rooms. There is a choice of traditional hot food, pasta and pizza, jacket potatoes with various fillings, fresh salads, sandwiches and a selection of bread including baguettes, pitta and tortilla wraps as well as a wide selection of desserts, fresh fruit and drinks. Menus can be accessed from the 'Downloads' tab available at the top of the page.

A cashless biometric payment system is in operation in the five secondary schools. This is a system that incorporates the latest technology and eliminates the need to carry cash as students will pay using finger print identification. Using biomentrics means you won't have to worry about making sure your child has cash everyday, instead you can top up your child's account at a time to suit you.

With less need for students to carry cash, there is less chance that it will be lost or stolen. It is faster too, staff no longer handle cash at the tills, so the service is quicker and queues shorter.

Students entitled to free school meals will use the same system as everyone else.

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