Applications to vote by proxy in the 2018 Local Election must be received by 5.00pm on Wednesday 25th April 2018.

An option for electors who can’t get to the polling station is to appoint a proxy. This is when the elector appoints someone to vote on his or her behalf. The proxy must vote at the polling station that the elector who appoints them would normally vote at.

The elector should consult with the person they wish to appoint as proxy to ensure that they agree to act as a proxy.

Proxies must be eligible to vote in the type of election being held, though they do not have to be on the register of electors.

A person may not act as proxy for more than two voters, unless the proxy is directly related to the voters (husband/wife, parent, grandparent, brother, sister, child or grandchild).

To appoint a proxy, written applications must be received from the elector prior to the deadline of 5pm six working days before the day of the election.

Proxy voting is not on demand and therefore a reason must be given as to why an elector needs to appoint a proxy.

Appointment of a proxy on a temporary basis (i.e. for a specific election) can be done for reasons such as going away on holiday at the time of the election or short term illness.

Appointment of a proxy on a permanent basis must be done for reasons of long term ill-health or employment (i.e. working away for long periods). Such applications must be supported by a relevant third party (e.g. doctor in cases of ill health or employer in cases of employment).

Proxy voting by post

If it is inconvenient for the proxy to vote at the polling station that the elector who appoints them would normally vote, the proxy may choose to vote as a proxy by post. Proxies wishing to vote by post should contact the elections office for a Postal Proxy application form.

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