Council procurement policies and procedures

The Council's procurement and contracting arrangements are designed to ensure that we achieve best value from all budgets. In order to manage this, procurement officers follow not only Bolton Council’s internal Standing Orders and Financial Regulations, but also any relevant UK and EU legislation.

The value of a contract determines the procedures that all Council Officers must follow with respect to how many quotes they need to obtain, or whether a tender process must be entered into.

The information below gives details of the current threshold levels in operation. 

Types of contracts

Below £15000

  • Decision whether to invite tenders/quotations to be made by Chief Officer.

Between £15000 and £50000 

  • Officer to invite wherever possible a minimum of three written quotations by a specified time and date. 

Above £50000 - not exceeding EU Threshold

  • Formal tender subject to public advert.

EU Threshold

  • Must be advertised in the Official Journal of The European Union (OJEU)

The current EU Thresholds are -

Supplies/Services - £164,176

Works - £4,104,394

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