Before you can get married, you must fulfil certain legal requirements.

Giving Notice of Intention to marry for British or European Union (EU) citizens

Both parties must attend personally at the Register Office in the district in which they reside. The procedure for this is outlined below: 

  • Both of you must have lived for a minimum of eight consecutive clear days in the registration district where notice is to be given
  • You will need to make an appointment to see the Superintendent Registrar
    This can be done by phoning the Register Office.  The couple can attend together or separately if more convenient
  • Notice cannot be given on your behalf by your spouse or a friend

After notice is given by both parties a minimum period of 28 clear days must elapse before the authority can be issued for the marriage to proceed. There is also be a referral scheme in place, whereby all non EEA nationals without settled status, a marriage or civil partnership visa or evidence of immigration status will be referred to the Home Office, those within the scope of this scheme may have the waiting period extended from 28 days to 70 days. A notice of marriage is valid for 12 months from the date on which it was given.

Documents we need to see

  • A current valid passport or a birth certificate
  • Evidence of residence is required i.e. utility bill, council tax bill, bank statement dated within the last three months
  • A decree absolute, or death certificate, for those who have been married/ civil partnered before
  • Documentary evidence in the form of a Deed Poll, Declaration or some other form of evidence may be required for those who have changed their name

Photocopy documents are not acceptable

Those under the age of 18 years should contact the Register Office in advance of their notice regarding consents to their marriage.

If  producing a birth certificate rather than a valid passport as ID, you will also be required to provide another form of ID such as a photo driving / provisional license or a medical card. If you were born after 1983 we will also need to see a copy of your mother's birth certificate as proof of nationality.

Giving Notice of marriage for non EU Citizens

If either or both parties are non EU citizens they will need to contact a designated Register Office to arrange their marriage. In these circumstances Bolton is served by either Manchester Register Office or Blackburn Register Office - see links.


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