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If you are an existing housing benefit customer, you can view your housing benefit account online. You will need to register but once registered you can view your  housing benefit details, request e billing for Council Tax or set up a Direct Debit for Council Tax.

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What is Housing Benefit?

Housing Benefit helps you pay your rent if you are on a low income. The amount of housing benefit due to you is worked out by looking at:

  • How much money you have coming in. (You can apply for Housing Benefit whether you’re unemployed or working.)
  • Your personal circumstances and the amount of rent you have to pay.
  • The amount of savings you have (more than £16,000 will normally disqualify you).  

 N.B. If you have a partner we will include their income and savings as well when we work out any benefit entitlement  

Who does the scheme apply to?

  • Anyone paying rent.
  • Tenants living in privately rented accommodation (the allowance for these tenants is known as Local Housing Allowance and the rates are set separately), hostels and housing association accommodation.

If you are entitled to housing benefit we will usually pay it from the Monday after we receive your claim. If you want help with your council tax too, you only need to make one claim. We will assess your housing benefit and council tax award at the same time.

How much local housing allowance can I get?

The amount of local housing allowance you may get depends on:

  • Who lives with you
  • Whether anyone living with you is expected to contribute to your rent
  • How much money you have coming in and what savings you have
  • If you are aged under 35 or; if you share paying your rent or share your accommodation with someone else
  • If you are a joint tenant 

Local housing allowance is based on the number of bedrooms your household needs, not the number of rooms in the property you rent, or the rent that you are charged. Visit to see how many bedrooms you are entitled to. You can view the current local housing allowance rates for Bolton

Information and evidence needed

Housing Benefit/local housing allowance is a means tested benefit,so we need to know about all your income and savings, and the income and savings of your partner. Examples of the information and evidence needed are provided on the claim form and when you you complete a claim form online. You can also download forms to help you gather information.

The easiest way to provide the evidence is to take your original documents to your nearest One Stop Shop where they can be photocopied and verified. We cannot accept photocopies of original documents.

Make a claim online

Make a claim online

Report a change in circumstances

Report a change in circumstances

Under occupancy in social housing

From April 2013 there were changes to the way housing benefit is calculated if you live in accommodation rented to you by a local authority, registered housing association or other registered social landlord.

A 14% reduction will be made to your eligible rent if you under occupy your home by one bedroom and a 25% reduction for two bedrooms or more.

There are certain circumstances where the under occupancy rules will not be applied.

  • State pension credit age – If you are over state pension credit age or have a partner over state pension credit age
  • Temporary accommodation – If you have been accepted as homeless under homelessness legislation and placed in temporary accommodation by the local authority
  • Shared ownership – If you part own/part rent your home
  • Supported “exempt” accommodation – If you live in a property run by housing associations or charities which provide care/support or supervision. A questionnaire can be completed by your landlord if they think that the accommodation should be classed as "exempt".
  • If you have occupied the same dwelling since 1 January 1996 and continuously been entitled to housing benefit since that date, you may be exempt from the under occupancy rules until 3 March 2014.

The following will also receive additional rooms, please contact us for more advice about these :

  • Foster Carers - Approved foster carers will be allowed an extra room for a foster child, whether or not a child has been placed with them, so long as they have fostered a child in the last 12 months or become an approved foster carer in the last 12 months. Only one room is allowed, regardless of the number of foster children you have.
  • Armed Forces Personnel - Adult children who in the Armed forces, but who continue to live with parents will be allowed a room, even when deployed on operations.
  • Disabled Children - An extra bedroom will be allowed where children can not share due to severe disability, where the other sibling would have their sleep regularly disturbed if they had to share a room.

Apart from the above if you have an extra bedroom then your housing benefit will be restricted, regardless of your circumstances. You may need to apply for a discretionary housing payment to help you meet the shortfall.

The benefit cap

If your combined income from certain benefits is more than the cap amount your housing benefit will be reduced.

The maximum amount of benefit per week will be

  • £350 per week for single people without children
  • £500 for single parents
  • £500 for couples with or without children

If you would like to know what benefits are included in the cap or which ones may exclude you from the cap  visit

What is a non dependant deduction

A deduction may be made from your benefit because you have other adults living with you. We call this a non dependant deduction. The amount we deduct depends upon the number of non dependants you have, what their gross income is, and whether you are getting Housing Benefit or help with your Council Tax.

View non dependant deductions.

We will not make a non dependant deduction where:

  • You or your partner are registered blind
  • You or your partner gets attendance allowance
  • You or your partner get disability living allowance for care
  • You or your partner get the daily living component of personal independence payment

This is regardless of the number of non dependants you have living with you.

Home Visits and Benefit Take Up

The Benefits Service has a dedicated team who can visit people in their own homes. A visiting service is provided to:

  • residents over the age of 60
  • residents with a disability
  • residents who are vulnerable

The team offer advice on and complete application forms on a range of benefits, contact us to find out more

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