From 1 January 2008 developers of all newly created dwellings (houses and apartments) and buildings modified to form a dwelling(s) - where the modification involves the provision or extension of heating, hot water, air conditioning or mechanical ventilation services - have been required to provide an energy performance certificate (EPC), upon completion of the work, and pass this on to the new owner.

Similar arrangements for EPCs, as those for dwellings, also apply to all newly created buildings (that are not dwellings) and certain modifications to buildings, such as subdivisions to form separate units

The European Law

The Energy performance of buildings (Certificates and inspections) (England and Wales) regulations 2007 were made on 29 March 2007 and came into force over the period from 19 April 2007 to 1 October 2008. These regulations implement articles contained in the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive 2002/91/EC (EPBD); in England and Wales.

The objective of the EPBD is to promote the improvement of the energy performance of buildings within the European community. Implementing the EPBD will encourage owners and tenants to choose energy efficient buildings when seeking new accommodation and to improve the performance of buildings they occupy. Implementation of the directive is seen as an important contribution to reducing carbon dioxide emissions as part of the UK climate change programme.

How are building regulations affected?

Since January 2008 building control has not been able to issue a completion certificate for dwellings created as new build or a change of use, unless it is satisfied that a developer has obtained an appropriate EPC and declares, by way of a notice, that this has been/will be passed on to the new owner.

Similar arrangements will be in place for all non-domestic buildings completed after 6 April 2008. EPCs must also include a recommendation report – on how further energy improvements could be made.

Large buildings accessible to the public

Since April 2008 all large buildings (over 1000m2 in total useful floor area) occupied by public authorities, or providing services to the public – leisure centres, municipal buildings, hospitals, etc. – must also display an EPC which must be on view to all who use the building.

Who provides an EPC?

EPCs can only be obtained from qualified energy assessors who are registered on an approved accreditation scheme. EPCs will look similar to those currently used for certain types of energy using appliances such as cookers, fridges, etc.

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