Council tax charges and bands  

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    • Annual council tax bills in Bolton are usually issued in March to be paid by 10 monthly instalments from April to January. However, you can ask for your instalments to be spread over 12 months from April to March.

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  • Council tax charges for 2016 to 2017

    • Band Bolton Blackrod   Horwich    Westhoughton 
      A £1,024.88 £1,044.38 £1,041.94 £1,035.27
      B £1,195.68 £1,218.43 £1,215.58 £1,207.80
      C £1,366.49 £1,392.49 £1,389.24 £1,380.34
      D £1,537.32 £1,566.57 £1,562.91 £1,552.90
      E £1,878.95 £1,914.70 £1,910.23 £1,897.99
      F £2,220.57 £2,262.82 £2,257.53 £2,243.08
      G £2,562.20 £2,610.95 £2,604.85 £2,588.17
      H £3,074.64 £3,133.14 £3,125.82 £3,105.80

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  • Adult social care precept included in 2016 to 2017 council tax

    • Band  Annual charge  Weekly equivalent
      £17.02  £0.32
      £19.86  £0.38
      £22.69  £0.43
      £25.53  £0.49
      £31.20  £0.60
      £36.88  £0.70
      £42.55 £0.81
      £51.06 £0.98

      The above precept is to fund adult social care in Bolton. For more information see 2016/2017 booklet 

  • Parish precepts

    • If you live in Blackrod, Horwich or Westhoughton then an extra charge will be added to your council tax to pay for services provided by the Town Council. This is called a parish precept and the money collected by the Borough Council is paid over to the Town Council. For more information on this extra charge see the 2016/2017 booklet

      Find out more about the Town Councils:
      Blackrod Town Council
      Westhoughton Town Council
      Horwich Town Council

  • Council tax bands

    • Properties are placed into one of eight bands (A-H) depending on their market value on 1st April 1991. The Valuation Office Agency is responsible for deciding the band for each property and the band will determine how much council tax you have to pay.

       Band  House Values as at 1 April 1991
       A  up to £40,000
      B  over £40,000 up to £52,000
      C  over £52,000 up to £68,000
      D  over £68,000 up to £88,000
       E  over £88,000 up to £120,000
      F  over £120,000 up to £160,000
       G   over £160,000 up to £320,000
       over £320,000  

      Check your council tax band 

  • How to challenge your council tax band

    • It's free to challenge or enquire about your council tax band.

      You can ask the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) to check your band if you think your home was valued incorrectly. They will tell you how your council tax band has been worked out and they can review your band if you provide information that suggests it is wrong e.g. evidence that identical properties in your street are in a different band. If they agree your band is wrong, they will amend it and the council will then update your Council Tax bill.

      You can also make a formal challenge to the VOA. However, you can only do this in certain circumstances e.g. if your property has changed significantly since it was valued.

      Further information is available at and

      You must continue to pay your council tax bill while you have a banding review or appeal pending. 

  • Changes in circumstances

  • Charges for unoccupied and unfurnished properties

    • There is no discount on properties that are unoccupied and substantially unfurnished.

      When properties have been unoccupied and substantially unfurnished for 2 years then a 50% premium will be payable on top of the full charge. This means that a 150% charge will be payable. However, the 50% premium should not be charged on any property that:

      » would be the sole or main residence of service personnel who are posted away from home; or

      » is an annex to a property that is being used as part of the main residence of the main dwelling.

      If your property falls into either of these categories, please contact us so that we can cancel any premium that you have been charged.

      You can also  find more information and advice on how to bring your empty property back into use on the empty residential properties page. 

      Substantially unfurnished

      There is no definition of 'substantially unfurnished’ within council tax legislation therefore each council has its own criteria regarding what is acceptable. We have taken it to mean sufficient furniture has been removed to leave the property incapable of occupation. As a minimum we would expect the following to be removed:

      » beds
      » chairs/sofa
      » tables
      » wardrobes
      » cabinets
      » televisions
      » stereos
      » personal effects

      We do not class curtains, carpets, fitted white goods (fridges, freezers, and washing machines) or fitted wardrobes as furniture

  • Charges for second homes and properties which are unoccupied and furnished

    • There is no discount on properties that are unoccupied and substantially furnished. This means that a full (100%) charge will be payable. 

      Substantially furnished

      There is no definition of 'substantially furnished’ within council tax legislation therefore each council has its own criteria regarding what is acceptable. We have taken it to mean there is sufficient furniture in the property for occupation. We would expect the property to have:

      » beds
      » chair/sofa
      » cooker/microwave
      » fridge freezer

  • Charge appeals

    • If you think that you or your property should not be subject to a council tax charge, you may appeal to the council tax office. Please contact us.

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