Within Bolton Council is a Civil Contingencies Team with responsibility for Emergency planning and Business Continuity.  The Civil Contingencies Team ensures the Council meets its duties under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004.

The Civil Contingencies Team help the Council prepare for emergencies by:

  • Continually reviewing and developing the Council’s emergency plans
  • Training local authority officers who have key responsibilities within the emergency plans
  • Preparing exercises to test the effectiveness of emergency plans
  • Providing the public with information about preparing for emergencies and what to do in the event of an emergency.
  • Leading the recovery process in the aftermath of an emergency.  This may involve the physical rebuilding of the local infrastructure and also helping the community come to terms with what has happened.
  • Being a member of the Greater Manchester Resilience Forum which brings together a wide range of partners to prepare and plan for emergencies within Greater Manchester.

What is the emergency plan and what is it for?

The Civil Contingencies Team is responsible for ensuring the council has robust and resilient emergency plans in place.  These plans are designed to ensure the Council can respond promptly and appropriately to any emergencies which occur within, or impact on, the Borough.

The Civil Contingencies team continually test, review and develop these plans to ensure they are as robust and effective as possible.

The Civil Contingencies Act 2004

The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 was designed to provide a single, statutory framework for civil protection in the UK at a local level. This gives local front-line responders clear expectations and specific roles and responsibilities for planning and preparing for emergencies to ensure they are prepared to respond effectively.

The main principles of the Civil Contingencies Act are:

  • Local responders have been divided into two distinct categories:
    • Category 1 responders - these are the front-line responders, including Blue-light emergency services, Local Authorities, Health Community and Environment Agency
    • Category 2 responders – Utility Companies and Transport Infrastructure Providers
  • Responders have a responsibility to jointly plan, prepare, respond, risk assess and share information with one another
  • Provision for the Government to enact ‘Emergency Powers’ to aid responders in managing emergencies.

For a summary of the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 please see the Downloads tab.

What if game

What if gameRaising public awareness to be more resilient in an emergency is important for communities as a whole. Research has shown that by engaging young people we can reach their parents, guardians, peers and the wider community to enable them to prepare for emergencies and to be better able to cope with them should they occur.

Bolton Council would like to thank Essex County Council for sharing information and assisting in the development of this web page.

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