Avian flu (bird flu)

The H5N8 strain of avian flu has now been confirmed in Lancashire, Lincolnshire, North Yorkshire, Carmarthenshire, Suffolk and Northumberland. Updates on the latest situation can be found at https://www.gov.uk/government/news/avian-influenza-bird-flu-in-winter-2016-to-2017.

The Avian Flu Prevention Zone rules will change from 13 April reducing some of the requirements in designated Higher Risk Areas across the UK. However poultry keepers (whether you have commercial flocks or just a few birds in a backyard flock) will continue to be required by law to take a range of biosecurity precautions. Find out more at https://www.gov.uk/guidance/avian-influenza-bird-flu.

If you suspect your poultry may be affected by Avian Flu please report it immediately to the Animal & Plant Health Agency on 03000 200 301.

Gatherings of poultry across the UK are currently banned. Find out more at https://www.gov.uk/government/news/avian-influenza-bird-flu-in-winter-2016-to-2017.

If you find dead wild waterfowl (swans, geese or ducks) or other dead wild birds, such as gulls or birds of prey, you should report them to the Defra helpline on 03459 33 55 77.

Bolton Trading Standards service is responsible for enforcement of animal health and welfare legislation. This protects the welfare of livestock on farms, at markets and during transportation.

This work includes ensuring livestock is correctly identified and is moved with the required movement documents and cattle passports.

Inspections are carried out to checks of records at farms and slaughterhouses and during transportation to ensure that there is full traceability of livestock movements. To reduce the risk of disease outbreak the inspectors also ensure that carcasses are disposed of by the correct methods.

If you require advice on animal welfare issues please get in touch with us.

All initial enquiries to Bolton Trading Standards are taken by Citizens Advice consumer helpline

Telephone 03454 04 05 06
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