Her Majesty's Senior Coroner for the District of Manchester West is Professor Jennifer Leeming LL.B (Hons) Solicitor.  This Area covers Bolton, Salford, Wigan and Leigh.

What does the Coroner do?

The coroner records and investigates all sudden, unexpected and violent deaths or deaths which might come into these categories. All such deaths must be reported to the coroner. The coroner also holds inquests into deaths reported to her where appropriate.

The coroner's office will at all times uphold the law and carry out the duties of office without fear or favour, affection or ill will. We aim to provide a sympathetic and efficient service making all our decisions with respect for the dignity of the deceased and with compassion for the bereaved.

What is the function of an Inquest?

The function of an inquest is to record:

  • Who the deceased was
  • When, where and how he or she came by the medical cause of death

A conclusion is reached and the coroner records the details needed for the registration of the death.

It is not the function of an inquest to determine any question of civil liability or criminal liability on the part of a named person.

Coroner's Officers

The coroner is assisted in her work by coroner's officers and support staff who are Gary Broome, Helen Knight, Zena Hartington, Sylvia Rigby, Christopher Walker, Lucy Clarkson, Rachel Dennis-Rigby, Yvonne Dickenson, Victoria Jones and Mark Pilling.

These officers are based in the coroner's office - please see contacts.

The coroner is also helped by police coroner's officers who are Marcheta Hogan, Peter Yates, Alison Park, Neil McCaffrey, Nicola Boyes, Rebecca Gardener and Julie-Ann Hyde. These police coroner's officers are based in Paderborn House, Bolton.

For reporting and investigating sudden deaths, including enquiries about inquests, please contact the office using the details provided in contacts.

Opening Times

The office is open from 8.30 to 16.00 Monday to Friday.  To contact the office during these times please do so by using the information provided under contact information (see the contact tab). 

An out of hours service is available (emergency situations only); 10.00 to 13.00 on Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays except Good Friday and Christmas Day. The contact telephone number is: 07747 764587.

Outside the usual office hours sudden, violent and unexpected deaths should be reported through any police officer.

Coroner's Office

Greater Manchester West

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Paderborn House

Howell Croft North



Telephone 01204 338799
Telephone 07747 764587 Out of hours
Fax 01204 338798
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