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The slim grey bin roll out is now complete!

  • Everyone in Bolton has now received a slimmer 140 litre grey bin in exchange for the 240 litre bin.
  • This will save £1.25m a year and increase recycling levels across the borough.
  • If you feel you may struggle to manage your waste, you can ask for help and advice or you can apply for a waste audit.

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  • What can I put in my grey bin?

    • Grey bins are for for waste that cannot be recycled.

      Please make sure that any sharp pieces of glass, pottery or china are carefully wrapped in paper before being put in your grey bin.

      Take the following items to a tip or recycling centre

      Cooking oil
      Scrap metal
      Fluorescent tubes
      Fridge and freezers
      Large appliances
      Small appliances
      TVs and monitors
      Engine oil
      Car batteries
      Hardcore and rubble
      Wood and timber
      Mixed textiles and clothes
      Gas bottles
      Plasterboard or gypsum products

      From 1 May 2016

      All Household Waste Recycling Centres no longer accept cement bonded asbestos and plasterboard or gypsum products.

      What do I do with asbestos?

      What do I do with plasterboard?

  • How can I recycle electrical items?

    • Electrical items are classed as W.E.E.E – Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

      Electrical items should not be disposed of in your general rubbish bin.

      Any electrical items large or small can be recycled at your local Recycling Centre.

      On average every Greater Manchester home has at least three old broken or unwanted small electrical items such as computers, laptops, hairdryers and kettles. Ask yourself the following questions:

      Can I recycle it?
      Does it have a plug?
      Does it use batteries?
      Does it need charging?
      Does it have the crossed-out wheelie bin logo on it?

      If you can answer “YES” to any of the above, you can recycle it at your local Recycling Centre.

      What about Re-use? If your small electrical items are still working and in a re-usable condition, your local re-use organisation may be able to refurbish it and give it a new lease of life and a new home.

      Often shops will collect your unwanted electricals when they deliver your new one – especially larger items like TV’s, fridges and freezers (please note that some retailers may charge to collect electrical items).

      Or try online. You can pass on items for free on websites like Freecycle and Freegle.

  • Tips to manage your waste

    • If you struggle to fit waste that can't be recycled in your new 140 litre bin then follow the hints and tips below:

      » Ensure you're using all the recycling containers available to you.
      » Pierce sacks to remove unwanted air, and compress the bag to reduce its size.
      » If you have lots of plastic tubs and trays stack them inside one another to reduce the amount of space they take up and squash them where possible.
      » Flatten any bulky items where possible.
      » Take small electrical goods to one of the recycling centres.
      » Buy loose fruit, vegetables and meats to reduce the number of plastic trays.
      » Plan your meals for the week, to avoid buying excess food and creating additional packaging waste.
      » Take any old clothing to charity shops or cut up and use as dusters etc.
      » Occasionally wash your bin with disinfectant to keep it clean and fresh.
      » For further information on how you can reuse items, or reduce the amount of waste you produce in the first place, visit
  • Request help and support

    • Apply for help and support

      You can apply for help and support if you struggle to fit everything in your bin or need advice to help you recycle more.

  • Request a waste audit

    • Waste audit request

      You can apply for a waste audit if:

      » there are six or more permanent residents in your household;
      » there are three or more people in nappies in your household;
      » one or more residents in your household have medical conditions which result in the production of extra waste (non-clinical) e.g. packaging or incontinence pads.

      Please remember that any request for a waste audit will result in a visit from a Recycling officer.

      If an additional bin is requested this may only be considered if you are using all the recycling bins available to your property.

      You can request recycling containers online.

      Alternatively, you can apply for help and support if you struggle to fit everything in your bin or need advice to help you recycle more.

      Apply for help and support.

  • Request the removal of a bin or container

  • Other frequently asked questions

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