Make money from an empty house

Leaving a property empty for long periods of time can attract vandalism and nuisance, as well as deteriorating both condition and value, this has an impact on the area.

And now, with new council tax rules in place, it could be costing you money to keep an empty property.
You might not know that your property can go from vacant to occupied quite easily, making you money. We have a wide range of schemes and options that might be appealing to you.

How can we help

  • Maintaining a property to maximise returns;
  • Selling a property, identifying home-buyers or estate agents;
  • Renting a property, identifying tenants or managing agents
  • Leasing through the Council’s Lease Management Scheme; and
  • Using our Matchmaker scheme to ‘match’ empty homes for sale with buyers

Matchmaker Scheme

The Matchmaker Scheme works by matching empty homes for sale with buyers. We can even include properties that are already up for sale, we will simply include the name of the agent on the advert.

How to join the scheme

We get a number of enquiries each year from buyers who are looking to purchase empty properties.

If you’re an empty property owner just fill out our online

Sellers registration form

or alternatively you can print and post the form

If you are interested in buying an empty property simply complete our online

Buyers registration form

or alternatively you can print and post the form

The benefits of joining the scheme are:

  • It helps advertise your home for sale to a wider audience looking specifically to buy an empty home.
  • Buyers interested in empty homes will generally consider any condition, so don’t worry if the property has been left empty for a number of years and needs extensive works.
  • It’s easy to join and it’s free.

 For the list of potential buyers see the

Potential Buyers List

Or to look at the list of empty properties for sale see the

Empty Properties for Sale List

Powers to tackle empty properties

The council has powers to carry out work if an empty property is causing nuisance to the community, it could also result in the owner being served with a legal notice or being prosecuted.

We aim to work amicably with the owners of empty homes before adopting any of the available enforcement tools.

Range of powers available to us:

  • We can serve Improvement Notices to ensure works are carried out at a property;
  • We can enforce the sale of a property under the Law of Property Act 1925 if there is any money owed to the council against the property;
  • We can take over the management of an empty property to ensure it’s reoccupied by serving an Empty Dwelling Management Order;
  • Make sure empty properties are secure and don’t pose a danger to the public;
  • Serve an abatement notice under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to ensure they are not a statutory nuisance;
  • Serve a section 215, Town and Country Planning Act 1990 notice for empty homes which are detrimental to the visual amenity of the area.

Further help

If you have any question, please get in touch with us.

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