Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic we are requesting that all licensing business is dealt with electronically for the foreseeable future. This is via the website where possible, or via email at

Applications forms for all areas of licensing are available on our website. To avoid delay please do not post any applications as we cannot guarantee they will be received in a timely manner.

Where the usual requirement is for an original document to be submitted, we will accept scanned copies during this time.

Who needs to register?

Anyone who wants to sell goods or articles from a street within Bolton must have a street trading consent. This includes private property if members of the public have access without payment.

There are no restrictions on where you may pitch or operate, but you must not:

  • cause obstruction or nuisance
  • be in a prohibited area
  • be within 100 metres of a fixed premises retailing in the same goods

There are prohibited streets in some parts of Bolton. Please see guidance notes for further details.

How to register

Please complete and return the application form.

Before completing the form, please ensure you have read through the guidance notes

How much does it cost?​

Months New Renewal
1 Month £196 £195
3 Months £391 £344
6 Months £505 £486
12 Months £815 £757

Where more than one application to trade from the same location is received, the matter will be referred to the licensing and environmental regulation committee for determination.