People services workforce development training programme 2019/2020

We offer comprehensive, high quality training courses to suit the mandatory and essential training requirements of the children’s workforce. The training is open to all staff and practitioners who come under the umbrella of Children’s Services including:

  • schools
  • early years, private, voluntary and independent providers
  • Start Well Centres
  • childminders voluntary, community and faith sector
  • youth, play and sport

The Start Well Service works with the Early Years workforce and other professionals to ensure the best possible start in life for every child.

HMRC E-learning Courses

Courses for advice and guidance from the Inland Revenue:

Courses available

Click on the links below to find out more about each course, including booking and payment information.

Workforce Development mandatory training

Young people and mental health MindEd e-learning

The three modules below are suitable as an introduction/awareness level around all aspects of mental health in relation to young people.

  • Introduction to the MindEd Content
  • Normal Psychological Development
  • Common Problems and First Help

For further information please visit  MindEd.


ME Learning
  • Me Learning is a suite of on-line training courses that have been purchased by the council.  It contains 160 flexible, adaptable & easily accessible courses on a wide range of subjects. 

    Licences cost £20.00 per person (currently licenced till March 2020).  Instructions on how to login to the system.

  • Modern Slavery

Early Years

First aid

For information about First Aid training please contact the Bolton Under Fives Forum by emailing

Health and safety

Information management


Safer recruitment

For information please contact the Governance Services Team by emailing

Start Well Training

How to become a childminder


Training matrix

Download these handy training matrices to record your staff training record or your own personal development plan.

Safeguarding Training

Is your setting up to date with safeguarding training?