Early education, schools and sessional activity providers have lots of different considerations based on their building, their staff teams and the families that they work with.

The Government have published guidance to support a safe and phased reopening of education and childcare provision.

Parents of school aged children are asked to speak to their school or usual childcare provider about their plans for increasing the number of children and young people attending their provision, and in the case of schools, how they will support home learning should they not be able to offer school based provision for all pupils.

Some early education and childcare providers will remain closed, working at significantly lower numbers, or working in a different way, to meet the safety guidance set by the Government.

If you are not able to access your current early education or childcare provider, and there are no alternative care options, please contact the One Stop Shop on 01204 337220. Whilst places cannot be guaranteed, the Council will be able to provide you with details of early education, childcare and sessional activities that are currently open to help you find the services needed. Information will be updated throughout the summer holidays if more detail becomes available.  

Please note that early education and childcare will look different to previous years. The Government has issued Guidance for parents and carers of children attending out-of-school settings during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, which will be updated by the Government should the Covid-19 situation change.

We have produced some local 'How to' guides - these guides will help you to understand childcare and sessional activities throughout COVID-19.

If your child is not returning to their early education provider or school, you may find these national guidance documents for parents useful:

For early years activities and ideas, take a look at Tiny Happy People.