Report faulty traffic lights

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) control all traffic lights in Bolton. They also look after pedestrian crossings that have traffic lights (Pelican, Puffin and Toucan crossings) but not Zebra crossings.

Report traffic lights that are damaged or not working

Traffic light timing issues

Traffic lights are computer controlled to maximise the number of vehicles that can pass through a junction. Timings change between rush hour and quieter periods.

Traffic flows can change though, with time and due to nearby issues. Sometimes the lights can become out of sync with the traffic.

If you think there is an issue with timings, please contact us with details and we’ll take a look.

Temporary traffic lights

Temporary traffic signals (at roadworks) are managed by the people carrying out the works. An information board will be displayed near the lights with a phone number to report any faults or problems.