How do I apply for a licence?

To licence a property, complete an application form and then contact Housing Standards to make an appointment to submit your application in person. The completed application should include:

  • one form of photographic ID and proof of address (provided in person)
  • fire alarm test/commissioning certificate as required by BS5939 (yearly)
  • emergency lighting test/fire extinguisher commissioning certificate (yearly)
  • gas safety certificate (yearly)
  • periodic test certificate for electrical installation (every five years)
  • scale layout plan of property
  • portable appliance testing certificate for appliances provided by the landlord

On receipt of a completed application and the appropriate fee your application will be reviewed and an officer in Housing Standards will assess whether the property is suitable for the number of proposed tenants and whether the amenities and fire precautions are adequate. An inspection of the property will also be carried out before we decide whether or not to grant a licence.

How long does it take to determine a licence application?

The length of the application process will vary. Provided you have submitted a valid application, the HMO can continue to operate legally until we reach a decision and any appeals against that decision are complete.

How long does it last for?

A licence may be granted for a maximum of five years. Licences will be granted for this period where landlords have been found to be compliant with previous licence conditions, maintained good property standards and demonstrated good management standards.