Equality Objectives

Bolton Council’s organisational philosophy reflects entirely the duties under the Act, of preventing discrimination; fostering good relations; and advancing equality of opportunity. This is best evidenced in the strategic Equality Impact Assessments (EIAs) which are produced annually to support budget setting. The following guiding principles set out how we would make very difficult decisions to deliver fundamental efficiency savings and profoundly re-shape our organisation and priorities:

  • Minimise the impact on our ability to achieve our main aims of ensuring greater economic prosperity for all and narrowing the gap in outcomes, particularly for those in our most deprived communities.
  • Ensure we meet our statutory obligations, in particular around safeguarding the welfare of vulnerable children and adults.
  • Ensure that wider issues around vulnerability, disadvantage and poverty are at the heart of our decisions and that any negative impact is minimised.
  • Ensure that within this very difficult context we maintain our focus on local political priorities.
  • Ensure that we listen to, understand and where possible respond to the views of local people and stakeholders.

Specifically, we have articulated the following equality objectives according to the organisation’s two defining roles as a community leader and employer.


Objective One

We will better understand our people and population and ensure that the way we invest our resources considers the needs of Bolton’s diverse and vibrant communities, built around pride in our place and the aspirations of local people.

We will achieve this by:

  • Monitoring our staff, services and interventions and collect data and use this information when assessing our performance.
  • Make our data, information and our learning accessible to partners and people.
  • Evaluate progress with our people and co-create action plans for change.


Objective Two

We will create strong cohesive communities, successful businesses and healthy and engaged residents, building a welcoming place where people choose to study, work, invest and put down roots, built around pride in our place and the aspirations of local people.

We will achieve this by:

  • Enabling our people to start well, live well and age well and tackling the root causes of poverty and inequality.
  • Engage business and investors in our social value aims and objectives.
  • Ensure that our streets and neighbourhoods are safe, cohesive and accessible, ensuring that our environment is protected and improved.


Objective Three

We will celebrate the diversity, identity and contribution of our residents and visitors and ensure that everyone sees the positivity that exists in our neighbourhoods, built around pride in our place and the aspirations of local people.

We will achieve this by:

  • Celebrating the contributions and achievements of people in our community.
  • Building understanding, awareness and cohesion through a calendar of events in the community.
  • Through raising the profile of volunteering and community action.