These documents are not part of the local plan but support, explain and monitor the Local Plan and the process by which it was prepared:

The Authority Monitoring Report reviews the implementation of the plan and is produced annually. The latest report includes:

The Local Development Scheme is a project plan that explains the production and timetable for local plan documents. The latest LDS was brought in effect in September 2020.

The Statement of Community Involvement sets out how we will involve you in planning responsibilities. The current SCI came into effect in August 2020.

The SCI puts forward a range of different consultation methods to be used in the preparation of planning policies. It does not specify that any consultation method must be used at any stage of making plans. The Covid-19 pandemic restrictions mean that some form of consultation may be impossible or inadvisable, for example face to face meetings or the inspection of paper documents at offices or libraries. 

If consultation takes place on any planning policy document while Covid-19 pandemic restrictions are in force, then the council will use the most appropriate consultation methods according to the restrictions at the time. This is likely to rely more on electronic means of engagement, but the council will also try to ensure that members of the community with no internet access are involved. 

The Government have introduced a housing delivery test and if delivery of housing is less than 95% of the target in their area, then the council must prepare a Housing Delivery Test Action Plan. The Action Plan highlights the root causes of under-delivery of housing in Bolton. The Action Plan aims to take a practical approach to housing delivery, by focusing on effective measures to improve delivery through evidence-based research.