Published: Monday, 14th Jan 2019

Dozens of sporting heroes are set to be honoured alongside Bolton’s greatest icons, but they need your help make it happen.

Spirit of Sport plaquesFor the first time since 2010, new faces are to be added to the Spirit of Sport sculpture in Middlebrook to mark their contribution to sporting life in Bolton.

Some 75 sports stars have been chosen to feature alongside the likes of Nat Lofthouse and Amir Khan on the 86ft monument which stands alongside the University of Bolton Stadium.

But while a great deal is known about their sporting achievements, some of the names on the list do not have an accompanying photograph.

Now Bolton Council and their partners are calling for the public to submit their own images of the nominees, so they can take their rightful place alongside the town’s greats.

Bolton Council’s Executive Cabinet Member for Culture and Sport, Cllr John Byrne, said:

“Over the years we have received hundreds of suggestions for new additions to the Spirit of Sport sculpture and these nominees are truly deserving of this recognition.

“Unfortunately, we do not have images of everyone selected and sadly some of those on the list are no longer with us.

“We are hoping that friends, family and former teammates will be able to track down photos so that we can do justice to these local sporting heroes.”

Unveiled in 2005, the Spirit of Sport features hundreds of images etched onto mirrors.

Among the new names set to be immortalised are cricketer Frank Tyson, skier Lauren Cooper and wrestling legend Jimmy Niblett.

Fellow newcomers include Bolton Wanderers favourite Kevin Davies and triple gold medal winning Special Olympics cyclist Keira Byland.

The Spirit of Sport features athletes of all ages from a wide range of disciplines and is designed to mark the achievements of everyone from professional athletes to community volunteers.

The costs of the additional installations is funded by the continued sponsorship of the Emerson Group.

Every one of those featured has shown the same passion, dedication and teamwork that make Bolton special.

Cllr Byrne added:

“The Spirit of Sport is an iconic landmark and a fitting tribute to our town’s many great sporting achievements.

“Whether it’s Olympic gold medallists or local youth team coaches, every one of those featured has shown the same passion, dedication and teamwork that make Bolton special.

“Behind each of those represented on the Spirit of Sport are hundreds of others who have supported, encouraged and helped sport in Bolton.

“It is a tribute to all of Bolton’s sporting community.”

Photos can emailed to or sent by post to Phil Lamb, Growth & Regeneration, 3rd Floor, Town Hall, Bolton, BL1 1RU.

All physical copies of photos will be returned to the owner.

Full list of new additions to the Spirit of Sport:

Name                                                  Sport

  1. Vince Regan                           Athletics
  2. Alan Edgley                             Badminton
  3. Roger Taylor                           Badminton
  4. Jack Taylor                             Golf
  5. Howard Broadbent                  Golf
  6. Lora Fairclough                       Golf
  7. Les McKnight                          Cricket
  8. Ada Timperley                        School Sports
  9. Billy Higgins                            Karate
  10. Paul Pritchard                         Rock Climbing
  11. Jimmy Devenport                   Football
  12. Brian Cole                               Cricket
  13. John Bullough                         Football
  14. Steve Costello                         Martial Arts
  15. Drew Johnson                         Rugby League
  16. Lillian Myerscough                 Swimming
  17. Glen MacDonald                     Athletics
  18. Ryan McCluskey                    Karate/Kickboxing
  19. Sam Derby                              Karate/Kickboxing
  20. Rachel Flanders                      Rowing
  21. Alison Hind                              Netball
  22. Amanda Winstanley                Karate
  23. Jimmy Niblett                          Wrestling
  24. Fred Moss                               Cycling
  25. Ellen Riley                               Football
  26. Paul Morris                              Wrestling
  27. Kirsty Milner                            Athletics
  28. Florence Brandwood              Cricket
  29. Terry Nortley                           Athletics
  30. Harold Hassell                        Football
  31. Chris Latham                          Cycling
  32. Terry Halliwell                         Cricket/Football
  33. Bill Hamblett                           Badminton
  34. Brooke Taylor                         Cycling
  35. Jon Partington                         Cricket
  36. Frank Tyson                            Cricket
  37. Lee Mason                              Football
  38. Trevor Pledger                        Water Polo
  39. Simon Roberts                        Tennis
  40. Chris Hunt                               Badminton
  41. Joe Gallagher                         Boxing
  42. Warren Barlow                        Football
  43. Lindsey Brindle                       Athletics/Fell Running
  44. Martin Axford                          Cricket
  45. Ralph Livesey                         Cricket
  46. Mark Stewart                          Cricket
  47. David Fairbrother                    Cricket
  48. Eddy Kavanagh                      Wrestling
  49. Rowan Ardill                            Athletics
  50. Alistair McArthur                     Athletics
  51. David Ardill                              Athletics
  52. Malcolm Pittock                      Athletics
  53. Gareth Hastey                        Golf
  54. Alan Parkinson                        Athletics
  55. Kevin Davies                           Football
  56. Mark Halsey                            Football
  57. Ken Heathcote                        Multi Sports
  58. Paul Mills                                 Football
  59. Hazel Johnson                        Badminton
  60. Akeem Handley                      Football
  61. Lauren Cooper                        Skiing
  62. Keira Byland                           Cycling/Swimming
  63. Kayli English                           Cycling
  64. Megan Errington                     Gymnastics
  65. Natasha Jones                        Dance
  66. Danny Morgan                        Walking
  67. Rachel Bailey                          Majorettes
  68. Karen McCurdy                      Trampolining
  69. Geoff Sheelan                         Rugby
  70. Laura Peacock                       Gymnastics
  71. Rachel Burke                          Youth Sports
  72. Sarah Owen                            Volunteering
  73. Emma Spurling                       Trampolining
  74. Neil Brown                              Cycling
  75. John Dawson                          Swimming