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Since May 2007 Money Skills have been delivering training to frontline members of staff and volunteers who work with people who are either experiencing financial difficulties or who are financially excluded. We have a number of training sessions ranging from half a day from Entry level to Level 2 or 3.

Training Sessions

Our Debt Awareness training session helps staff and volunteers to:

  • understand why people get into debt and how being in debt can impact on a person's life 
  • assist customers to budget their money thus enabling them to get out of debt (or to avoid falling into debt in the first place)  
  • signpost customers effectively for further help 

Dealing with Debts - half day AQA Entry Level, training session follows the Debt Awareness
training to build knowledge of the procedures for dealing with various, especially priority debts.
Debt Awareness can be run independently, however, it is best if staff have already attended this session before attending Dealing with Debts, to gain a holistic view of debt. Each session lasts half a day or both sessions are often run together as a full day course.
Introduction to becoming a Community Based Money Mentor & Becoming a Community Based Money Mentor - These are two new qualifications which will enable those who are working or volunteering in outreach centres and key agencies in the community to provide initial interviews and support to individuals with budgeting, debt and money problems by facilitating an impartial, non-judgemental approach.
Participants will develop the understanding and skills to become a community based money mentor within his/her community.
What does the training involve?
Introduction to becoming a Community Based Money Mentor – 2 day training course, AQA Entry Level 1, is equivalent to GCSE grades D – G and takes approximately 14 hours to complete.
During the session you will also:
•Identify ways to maximise income and reduce expenditure
•Calculate pro rata offers of payment from a given case study
•Identify four strategies appropriate for a tenant with no assets or available income.
The first day of the training incorporates both Debt Awareness and Dealing with Debts training.
Becoming a Community Based Money Mentor – 3 day training course, AQA Entry Level 2, is equivalent to GCSE grades A to C and takes approximately 20 hours to complete
During the session you will also:
•develop the understanding and skills needed to become a community based money mentor within their community
•be able to provide budgeting support to individuals
•develop an awareness of the different debt strategies involved in the debt advice process
•develop an impartial, confidential and non judgemental approach.
During the 3 days training participants will take part in various activities and discussions and will complete a number of worksheets.
On Day 3 participants will be required to produce a case file from a given case study which will include an accurate financial budget sheet for an individual who has debt/money problems which could be used to negotiate repayment arrangements with creditors.
The first two days of training incorporates Debt Awareness and Dealing with Debts and Introduction to becoming a Community Based Money Mentor.
By undertaking the training, participants will gain:
•an awareness of budgeting and money advice
•the confidence to conduct initial face to face budgeting interviews
•the confidence to support individuals with budgeting problems
•a nationally recognised level qualification
All our sessions are discussion and activity based and are delivered by staff experienced in training and money guidance.

Where do sessions take place?

We can deliver this training for groups of up to 16 delegates and we would normally ask the organization requesting the training to arrange a suitable venue. A risk assessment would need to be undertaken and we would discuss the resources we require.
If we are experiencing a large demand for staff training from organizations who do not have an adequate number of delegates we can arrange the venue, however the cost would be slightly higher to take into account the venue and refreshments.
We are available to run staff training in Greater Manchester and throughout the North West.
Click here for an overview of our costs for staff training.

What have delegates said about our Sessions?

Please check the following Testimonials [pdf] to see what other staff members have said about our training sessions.