How do I find a nursery place?

The Schools directory provides contact details of nursery schools and nursery classes as well as all other schools in Bolton. 

How are nursery places allocated?

  • the head teacher allocates the places in their nursery school or class as they become available, primarily on the age of the children
  • head teachers may also take into account medical factors or serious social deprivation, which should normally be supported by independent evidence
  • pupils with a place in any other Bolton LA nursery school or class will only be considered after all other places have been considered
  • having a place in a nursery class does not automatically give a child admission to the primary school it is attached to

Infant class sizes

Government legislation is in place which limits infant class sizes. This means that no infant child should be taught in a class of more than 30 pupils with one teacher.

What if my child has special needs?

Resourced nursery schools

There are two resourced nursery schools in Bolton, who have places for children with additional needs:

  • Grosvenor Nursery offers 8 full-time places for children who have a developmental delay across a range of areas
  • Alexandra Nursery offers 8 part-time places for children who have delayed speech, language and communication skills
  • both nurseries have teachers and nursery nurses with specialist knowledge
  • they also have specialist play equipment.

Thomasson Memorial has places for children who have a hearing impairment.

Nursery Classes within fully inclusive schools

There are 5 fully inclusive primary schools, fully accessible and with therapy rooms:

  • Blackshaw, The Gates, Queensbridge, Castle Hill and The Valley
  • each school offers one nursery place annually for children with profound and multiple learning difficulties, or severe learning difficulties
  • the child takes part in all school activities