Following the approval of the Budget Report 2019-21, proposals were put forward in order to find the £23.5 million savings. Residents and other stakeholders were asked to give their view on the financial challenge Bolton Council face during the coming years.

The questionnaire / survey form was made available on the council’s website, with a paper version available on request.

See questionnaire

Closing Date
13 January 2019
Survey Results

The period of public consultation ran from Monday 3rd December 2018 to Monday 14th January 2019. A total of 283 responses were received via the consultation questionnaire. Most respondents agreed with the council’s approach to making the necessary savings. However, with over half of all comments, the most commonly raised impact was related to the proposal to review all 28 bowling greens and their usage.


Budget Update and Options 2019-21 Report - February 2019

Following public consultation, a reduction to the Bowling Greens proposal was approved by full Council. For further information, please see the 'Budget Update and Options 2019-21 Report'.