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Building control application

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Check if you need building approvalSubmit application

Before submitting an application

  • Check if approval is needed, some extensions to home and businesses don’t need building regulations permission.
  • Choose the correct form for the building work, Full Plans or a Building Notice. Check with us if you’re not sure.
  • Submit the correct fee.

If you’re unable to submit an online application, you can download and send the form to us. To find out more about Building Regulations visit LABC.

Full plans submission

You can submit a Full Plans application for your home or business. 
You'll need to provide the following with your application:

  • 1 electronic or 2 paper copies of drawings for the planned work showing full details of construction and materials to be used, drawn at a scale of 1:50 and not less than 1:100. Drawings should include plans, section and elevations of the work as existing and as proposed. See full plan example drawing (207kb pdf).
  • A site location plan to a scale of not less than 1:1250 indicating site boundaries.

We'll then check the application to ensure it complies with relevant legislation. You'll need to pay a further fee to cover our inspections when the work starts. 

Building notice

You can submit a Building Notice application for small building work or alterations to your home. You'll need to provide a site location plan to a scale of not less than 1:1250.





Can I submit an application myself?

Yes, as long as all the above information is clearly provided.  Alternatively, you can appoint an architect or surveyor to be your agent.  They will fill in the forms and prepare the necessary drawings for you.  They will charge you a fee to do this. If your application is straightforward you may be able to do the drawings yourself.  However, they must be clear, accurate and drawn to a metric scale.