Report a change of address

You need to tell us if: 

  • you move within Bolton
  • you move into Bolton
  • you move out of Bolton

You may need to provide the following information:

  • your council tax account number 
  • your name, address and contact telephone number 
  • the address you are moving from/to 
  • the date you are moving 
  • the date the property is being sold 
  • tenancy end date 
  • if the property is furnished/unfurnished
  • the date furniture was moved in/out 
  • the name and address of the solicitors acting on your behalf 
  • the name of the person the property has been sold to 
  • the landlord or agent's name and address

This form can only be used to register a change of address for council tax purposes only. You should notify other council services separately.

Report your change of address