Help if you don't receive benefits

If you don't receive a qualifying benefit but you meet all the other criteria for a Test and Trace Support Payment, you may still be awarded a £500 discretionary payment if you:

  • earn less than £26,000 net per year (approximately £500 per week) and will face financial hardship because you are having to self-isolate

We will also look at other factors when deciding your claim. This may include:

  • Your existing financial commitments and the impact of not meeting these e.g. your mortgage, rent and council tax liabilities
  • If you are self-employed and your business has been impacted by Covid 19
  • You are self-employed and self-isolation could mean extra hardship e.g. loss of customers
  • If you have had to self-isolate before
  • Loss of overtime or commission
  • How the loss of income will affect your family e.g. access to food, fuel

The above list is not exhaustive and we will look at all the information on the claim for you provide.

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