Advice for the Shielded

If you need support because you are vulnerable please ring 01204 337221

If you need support because you are vulnerable please ring 01204 337221. 

Our opening times are:

  • Monday to Friday from 8.30am – 5.30pm
  • Saturdays from 9am – 1.30pm

The guidance for people who are considered clinically extremely vulnerable is being updated by the government and will be available here shortly. If you fall into this category you will be written to by the government.

On Monday 4 January 2021, the Prime Minister announced a new national lockdown to help tackle the rising cases of COVID-19.  

As part of the lockdown, the government is advising all clinically extremely vulnerable people to take extra measures to protect themselves during this period. We expect the guidance to be almost exactly the same as it was in the November Restrictions, and in Tier 4.

Clinically extremely vulnerable people are advised:

  • to stay at home as much as possible
  • that you may still go outdoors carefully to exercise or to attend health appointments
  • you are strongly advised to work from home if you can
  • if you cannot work from home, then you should not attend work. You may be eligible for the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (furlough).

The government will shortly be issuing a letter to all clinically extremely vulnerable people in England. This letter will be a formal shielding notification and can act as evidence for employers to show that a person cannot work outside their home from the period 5 January until 21 February 2021 (TBC), including for statutory sick pay (SSP) purposes.

For those areas that were previously in Tier 4, the government issued letters advising these individuals to shield. The new letter about shielding during the lockdown replaces that letter.

We expect shielding advice will apply until 21 February 2021. If the advice is to continue beyond that date, the government will write to individuals again with further information.

Full shielding guidance will be updated shortly and will be available at