Action for Children, Children’s Rights and Advocacy Service is commissioned by us to provide independent support for children and young people aged seven to 18 years, to ensure their voice is heard in decision making processes which affect their lives. The service works with children and young people who live in or are placed out of Bolton.

Criteria for referral:

  • child/young person aged 7-18 years who is looked after
  • child/young person aged 7-19 years who has a disability

How do advocates support children and young people?

  • we can attend meetings for you if you don’t want to attend and give you feedback on any decisions made
  • we can chase up agreements made at your meetings to ensure other people do what they have agreed to do for you
  • we can help you to complain if you are unhappy with the services or the care you receive
  • we can ensure people are mindful of your rights

How is this accessed?

You can either:

  • call
  • email
  • write

Or, if you would prefer, a referral could be made on your behalf by your:

  • social worker
  • teacher
  • parent or carer