Please see an overview of the different services Bolton Care and Repairs offers.


What it offers

Advisory List of Contractors

List of reliable contractors who have agreed to work to a code of conduct

All householders
Affordable Warmth / Energy Efficiency

Grants may be available for heating and insulation. Advice on keeping warm at home

All householders
Burglary Reduction Window locks, spy holes, door chains etc. fitted by our Handyperson Aged 60+ or if under 60 then must be in receipt of DLA
Disabled Adaptations Disabled adaptations to homes to provide access to and from the home and facilities within the home Based on an assessment of needs (and certain adaptations may be subject to a means test)
Financial Advice Advice on benefits and small loans. Signposting to relevant agencies for money management skills and debt advice All householders
Fire Safety Smoke alarms and fire safety checks provided by Greater Manchester Fire Service All householders
Green Handyperson Scheme

Installing small energy saving measures such as draught proofing, light bulbs and radiator panels

Aged 60+ or if under 60 then must be in receipt of DLA or PIP
Handyperson Service (inc. gas and electric)

Help with small jobs around the home such as fixing gutters, fitting door chains, draught proofing or fixing dripping taps. Work is time limited to two or three hours depending on nature of job.

Aged 60+ or if under 60 then must be in receipt of DLA or PIP
Home Repairs Assistance Essential housing repairs to enable older people to remain living independently in their home Owner-occupiers, aged 60+ and in receipt of guaranteed pension credit or council tax benefit
Housing Information and Advice  Advice to assist people to maintain their home and if appropriate signposting for support to help people move to more suitable housing All householders
Home Improvement Assistance  Large scale improvements to make homes decent and healthy for the most vulnerable households Based on assessment of property condition and need


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