Town Centre Transport Strategy

The Town Centre Transport Strategy (TCTS) aims to provide an efficient, sustainable transport system, which will offer a realistic choice of transport modes to and within Bolton town centre and thus enhance the vitality and viability of the town centre. Through improved pedestrian, cycling and public transport facilities, the strategy will encourage a model shift. However, as it is vital to protect the economic vitality of the town centre as one of the region’s primary shopping centres, driving to Bolton town centre and access from car parks must not become too onerous until alternative transport choices are in place.

Within the Strategy, there are the following sections:

  • Part one of the Town Centre Transport Strategy gives an introduction.
  • Part two sets the context through identifying the policy and strategy links to national, regional and local documents of importance; transport progress achieved to date in Bolton; transport forecasting; and Bolton town centre aspirations.
  • Part three sets out a transport strategy for Bolton town centre.
  • Part four identifies transport proposals and
  • Part five sets out an action plan for implementation.

The strategy can be downloaded on the Downloads tab. If you have any questions regarding the Town Centre Transport Strategy, please contact the Highway Planning Team using the details on the Contacts tab.

Car Parking Study

The town centre is currently the subject of emerging development and traffic and transport proposals which are aimed at ensuring Bolton remains a viable and attractive place to live and work in the future. Strategically located and high quality car parking will inevitably play a key role in delivering such aspirations as these.

The Car Parking Study on the Downloads tab examines the existing situation in respect of car parking provision within the town centre and details how the 'INFOCUS' approach adopted by Peter Brett Associates (PBA) has been applied. It considers the development aspirations for the town centre and a variety of other relevant factors, such as predicted car parking utilisation and traffic growth in order to assess the likely implications for car parking demand and supply in the future.

Finally, the study details PBA's recommendations in respect of the requirement for additional car parks within the town centre to ensure that car parking supply remains similar to that which is existing throughout the period 2006 – 2015. In considering these sites factors such as the anticipated level of demand, their ideal location and indicative timescale for construction will be assessed. The report sets out a parking strategy against which Bolton Council will be able to consider the potential for disposal of certain existing car parking facilities within the town centre and also assess the impact of proposed development within the town centre on car parking demand and supply.

If you have any questions regarding this study, please contact Highways Planning using the details to on the Contacts tab.

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