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The school run is the cause of the most congestion and frustration for many people. In the last ten years the number of pupils travelling to school by car has nearly doubled.

All schools in Bolton want to encourage more pupils to walk, cycle and use public transport and decrease the number of cars on the school run.

  • Fewer cars outside schools can make the area safer for pupils
  • Road safety skills can be practised by pupils who walk and cycle.
  • Regular walking or cycling can improve the health and fitness of your child and you….
  • Less cars reduces CO2 emissions and pollution
  • Walking to school is sociable for both parents and pupils
  • More pollution is breathed in by people in cars than pedestrians

Many children live close enough to school to walk either all or some of the way to school. Many of our Primary schools have initiatives like Walk on Wednesdays, a walking bus, a no parking Green Zone outside the school, a staff car sharing scheme, a cycling to school day. They may also ask a local supermarket if their parents can Park and Stride from there every day. Secondary schools actively encourage pupils to walk, cycle, use public transport and organise school buses.

All schools aim to spread the environmental and sustainable travel message to their staff and pupils.

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