You need permission from the council to put some equipment or apparatus connected with digging into a public road on the street.

You can do emergency work without a licence but you must tell the council within 2 hours of starting work.

The New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 (NRSWA) requires highway authorities to use their best endeavours to co-ordinate works of all kinds, including local authority works.

The objectives of the co-ordination process are to:

  • Ensure the works are carried out in the interests of safety
  • Minimise disruption to the swift movement of traffic on the Council's road network
  • To minimise the inconvenience to persons using the street, having regard in particular to the needs of people with a disability
  • To protect the structure of the street and the integrity of the apparatus in it

Successful co-ordination requires accurate and timely information / notices, along with good communication between street authorities and undertakers.

Non-statutory undertakers are required to complete a Section 50 license application before any works are allowed to commence on the highway.

How much will it cost?


Section 50 / Street Works Licence Fees

 Licence Type  Licence Fee
 Valid for the agreed works duration
 Works undertaken on the public highway not involving the
 installation of apparatus under the highway (eg: construction
 of a new vehicular crossing or minor alterations to the fabric
 of the highway)
 Works undertaken on the public highway that involves the
 installation of underground apparatus (eg: sewer connections
 or multi-utility works etc.)
 Works undertaken to install/erect structures on the public
 highway (eg: telecommunication masts or similar)

 Installation of traffic management arrangements on the public
 highway to facilitate works off the highway.

How do I apply?

You can download an application form

If you need any more information or advice about highway licences, or help in completing your application please contact us.

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Telephone 01204 336440
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