Pay and Display in Bolton Town Centre

On-street parking in central Bolton is available via the purchase of Pay and Display tickets from machines located by the roadside. Areas are clearly signed for one and two hours maximum stay.

Most town centre Pay and Display bays are operational between 8.30am - 6.00pm, Monday to Saturday. Parking in the bays is free outside these hours.

Always check the roadside signs for guidance.

RingGo - payment by mobile 

RingGo - Free mobile app

RingGo cashless parking is offered as an alternative to pay and display parking with coins. RingGo is a special mobile phone service, enabling you to pay for your parking by credit or debit card, rather than with cash at a machine. You don’t need to put a ticket on your dashboard - Civil Enforcement Officers check which vehicles have paid using internet connected handhelds.

If you’ve got an iPhone or Android handset, you can download and use the RingGo app to register and pay for your parking. Alternatively call the standard rate telephone number 0161 634 0340 (shown on the ticket machines), at the time you want to park.
If you want to save time, you can pre-register in advance either through the apps or at the myRingGo website.

If it’s your first time using the service, you’ll be asked for:

  • information about your vehicle
  • the five digit location code (shown on the sign)
  • details of your payment card

On following uses the service recognises your mobile phone number and retrieves the information given, reducing time considerably.

As well as being convenient, paying with RingGo reduces the risk of receiving a penalty charge notice. If you’re running late or simply need a bit longer in town, there’s no need to worry - just top up your parking wherever you are by using the service again. 

Further RingGo information is available in the downloads tab.

Restricted Parking Zones in Bolton Town Centre

Restricted parking zones are areas where waiting and loading restrictions apply but where no yellow lines have been painted. Signs are used instead.
This is allowed by the 2011 amendments to the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002.

Lines are not painted, either to reduce the negative impact on a street (eg: on cobbles or paved streets) or because the road surface makes using paint impractical or inappropriate.

The zone entry sign indicates the times when waiting and loading are prohibited. Where parking and loading are permitted, usually in signed bays, this is indicated on the entry signs. The bays within the zone may be fully marked in the conventional manner or indicated by other means such as a change in surface materials. Upright signs will give details about the use of the bays.

Parking Contraventions - Parking Adjacent to a Dropped Footway

The Traffic Management Act 2004 enables authorities to enforce new parking contraventions of 'double parking' and 'parking adjacent to a dropped footway'. The purpose of this legislation is to help prevent inconsiderate and selfish parking which causes inconvenience and compromises road safety.

Double parking

It is a contravention to double park (defined as "to park more than 50cm from the edge of the pavement, kerb line or edge of the road, unless the vehicle is wholly within a marked parking bay) 


Parking adjacent to a dropped footway

It is a contravention to park adjacent to a dropped footway e.g. where a vehicle parks on the carriageway next to a place where the footway, cycle track or verge has been lowered to the level of the carriageway (or where the carriageway has been raised to the level of the footway, cycle track or verge.)

Enforcement action can take place at dropped footways, even where there are no yellow lines or white H bar markings.

Parking adjacent to a dropped footway outside residential properties with the occupiers consent is specifically excluded.


Bolton Council will issue Penalty Charge Notices to vehicles who are double parked or parked more than 50cm from the edge of carriageway and vehicles parked adjacent to a dropped footway. Both contraventions attract the higher level of penalty charge notice which currently stands at £70, discounted to £35 if payment is received within 14 days of issue.

Motorcycle Parking

Within the Town Centre there are dedicated parking bays for motorcycles.
They are located at:

  • Victoria Square
  • South Central Street car park

Motorcycles may be parked in these dedicated motorcycle areas without time restriction or payment.

Guidance on parking your motorcycle

1. Parking motorcycles in vehicle bays

If you park your motorcycle in an on-street pay and display bay you will need to pay for parking.
It can be difficult to display tickets on motorcycles as they can be easily removed. We would therefore suggest the following:

  • Purchase a pay and display ticket and write your registration number on it so that no one else can use it and display it on the motorcycle.
  • Use RingGo cashless parking to pay for parking. Free app available at:  
  • If you are unable to display the ticket on your motorcycle, purchase and retain the pay and display ticket. In the event of a Penalty Charge Notice being issued to your motorcycle you can make representations and include a legible photocopy of your pay and display ticket.
  • Alternatively you may wish to purchase a secure pay and display ticket holder.

2. Parking motorcycles in residents parking zones

If you park your motorcycle in a permit holder bay you must display a valid parking permit. Residents of properties which are part of a resident’s scheme will normally be able to apply for a parking permit for their motorcycle. Please ensure your motorcycle registration number is displayed on your permit.

Visitors should be able to obtain a parking permit from the resident they are visiting, which should be displayed on the motorcycle. Please ensure your motorcycle registration number is displayed on your visitors permit/ scratchcard.

3. Places where motorcycles should not be parked

Motorcycles should not be parked on the pavements, double or single yellow lines, in taxi ranks, bus stops, disabled bays, loading bays or any other place designated for the use of a specific class of vehicle.

On Street Parking Data

The following data can be downloaded:

On-Street Parking Fees (Pay and Display)

On-Street Parking Locations and Number of Spaces

On-Street Parking Bays Map


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