Traffic calming

Speed humps are a form of 'traffic calming' designed to reduce vehicle speeds and therefore improve road safety.

Types of speed hump

Standard speed hump

Also known as a sleeping policeman (pictured), fills the full width of the road. These are used in residential roads where high speeds would endanger peoples safety. These are the most effective type of traffic calming feature in reducing vehicle speeds.

Speed cushions

Smaller than speed humps. These are square and typically there will be two cushions at each location, one for each direction of travel. They are used where buses operate and are designed so that larger vehicles can pass over the cushion without having to bump over it. Smaller vehicles, such as cars, cannot straddle the cushion and have to drive over them.

Speed tables

These are provided across junctions and pedestrian crossings. After the 'bump up' they have a large flat surface before the 'bump down' again.

Other traffic calming methods

Other methods used to reduce vehicle speeds include:

  • Narrowing the road - example: with chicanes
  • Driver feedback signs
  • Mini roundabouts
  • Reduce speed limits

How do I request speed humps or other traffic calming features for my area?

For further information or to suggest an area for speed reduction measures, please contact us.

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