What to do if you are experiencing a nuisance from smoke or smells

Typical complaints are smoke and smells from

  • garden bonfires
  • smoking chimneys
  • dust from construction and demolition activity and
  • cooking smells from restaurants.

If you live in the Bolton you can complete a nuisance pack (229KB).  Please follow the instructions carefully. Your complaint will not be considered unless you complete and return the diary contained in the pack.

We will review the information you provide to see if there is likely to be a statutory nuisance and whether it is appropriate for us to investigate your complaint.

When are smoke or smells classed as a statutory nuisance?

Statutory nuisance is covered by Part III of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (2.9MB) and can include emissions of smoke, fumes or gases, dust, steam and smell. The emissions must arise from a premises and must materially affect the use or enjoyment of other premises.

If we decide that a complaint of statutory nuisance is justified, an Abatement Notice will be served upon the person responsible, occupier or owner of the premises (as appropriate) requesting that the nuisance is stopped. If they do not comply this is an offence and legal proceedings may start.


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