The council's budget - 2013/15

On 14 January 2013 the Cabinet agreed a report which outlines the latest budget position.

The report follows the government’s announcement about how much funding the council will receive and the savings that are needed, for 2013-15.

Around £35m of savings were outlined in a report to the Executive Cabinet on 3 September 2012 to be consulted about.

Since September, the government has finalised its spending plans for local government, with the result that we will receive less funding than expected.

Last month the government announced how much we would be receiving in grants and the report to the Cabinet on 14 January showed that an extra £9m savings are required because of the reduction in the government grant and rising costs.

It means that for 2013-15 we face making £43.6m worth of savings, if a freeze in council tax is approved.

Most of the council’s budget comes from government grant with only a quarter raised through council tax.

A report recommending the council’s budget for 2013-14 will be presented to the Cabinet meeting on 11 February, for approval by full council on 20 February.

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