Bolton has many different types of road safety cameras in operation. They can be grouped into two types:

Speed cameras

These consist of fixed and mobile units with the camera monitoring vehicles for speeding or jumping red traffic lights. The units are usually coloured yellow.

In Bolton, these are managed by Greater Manchester Casualty Reduction Partnership in co-operation with the police. Please see the drivesafe website for further information.

Site by site published casualty, collision and speed data

This information is available to the public on the drivesafe website.

Driver feedback signs

These are electronic signs with a built-in radar to monitor the speed of passing vehicles. A digital display then shows either the speed, or a message 'SLOW DOWN', back to the motorist. These are managed by Bolton Council.

The signs also record the speed of passing traffic so we can study any effect they have. They are movable and every few months we re-site them in order to cover areas of greatest need.

Where do we site driver feedback signs?

Preferred sites include:

  • roads where surveys show that drivers are often speeding
  • near to schools
  • in residential areas
  • approaching sharp bends, shopping areas, hospitals
  • locations where speed limits have recently changed

How do I suggest a location for a driver feedback sign?

Contact us via the details on the tab above.

Note that we cannot place the signs:

  • in cul-de-sacs
  • close to other signs, traffic lights, crossings or distractions
  • in speed hump zones
  • under trees that would cover the solar panels

How to report a faulty driver feedback sign

Before you report this problem

If there is an immediate risk to safety such as exposed, damaged or potentially live wiring, please ring us straight away.

  • During office hours Monday to Friday 08:00-16:00 ring our Streetcare Hotline: 01204 336600
  • Out of hours, over the weekend or on bank holidays, ring Security and Response: 01204 336900

What we need to know

  • the street name
  • a precise location, for example outside of a house number or a shop name
  • what the problem is

Report a faulty driver feedback sign online

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